SundayShortS #2

May 29th, 2022

Creative Stories, Poetry and Unfiltered Personal Thoughts

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(Mostly unedited to help add more writing into my routine.)

I’m at an age where my wisdom feels wasted, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to share it. I’m too young to be the wise old lady and too old to relate to the younger generation. I’m stuck in the middle.  I definitely struggled with this for awhile, where I felt that I was unheard or not respected but recently I’ve realized that isn’t the case (well it might be for some).  Most people will hear and act on the wisdom provided to them when they’re actually ready to do so. You can always plant a seed but the growth may never occur or by the time it does you may be long gone. If that’s the case, I hope this helps. 

Age is an interesting concept.  Fear usually comes along with it. Fear of illnesses, death, time, loneliness, but for me I’m proud of the age that I am.  I’ve earned it.  I’ve worked hard to survive to this point.  My depression doesn’t always allow me to believe in the future.  In my mind the probability of old age occurring is low.  This has oddly helped provide me a way to slow down life.  I soak in a lot of the moments and experiences life graciously provides me.  Not to the point where I’m only living day to day as I will always be a planner and I try to be hopeful, but when I am in a moment with someone, however small it may seem to another, I cherish it.  

I say kind words and appreciate their presence.  I smile when I hear them laugh or sense their happiness.  I am grateful that I have this moment with them even if it’s simple in comparison to “milestone” moments.  I will stare into nature’s interactive painting for what feels like hours, but in reality it’s only minutes.  I cuddle my pets and learn their intricacies, as their existence is like ours — undetermined. 

Life’s speed is relative.  We can have the choice of slowing it down by letting our minds wander into the details that exist before us.  When we’re rushing to the next place or setting a timer we tend to capture fewer moments as our focus may feel diluted or our sight is fixated on something ahead of us.  Not allowing us to be able to take in what’s surrounding our current self.  It’s understandable that this happens a lot due to our limited amount of time in a day and our multiple tasks we feel we must complete.  With that being said, if you do need to limit your time in one setting allow your senses to embrace the moment you are in and let your mind take it from there.  

Artists view the world a bit differently.  As I’m working through some courses now, they teach you to look at the lines on someone’s face.  See the shadows and shapes that fill in their being.  Breaking down what’s in front of us to see how much is there compared to a blur you would see just passing by.  This is something I have done for decades without understanding why I did it and tried to capture how I saw the world through photography and words.

Feel the love that surrounds you; remember the touch of the person; and enjoy the taste of the dinner that someone may have taken hours to make. Let it soak into your palate and become a sensory memory. Revisit these feelings later on in the day or year. You always have a way to extend beautiful moments. Don’t get too lost in what comes with age, as you are always able to welcome back that curious and excited child within, who will make the piece of time shine as if it was a magnificent adventure.

Until the next Scenario.

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Attempting to do a project for myself to not only make people smile but to improve my skills and learn new ones.

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