Disc Dyeing

Disc Name – Manufacturer – Plastic Type (Factory 2nd) – Flight Numbers (Speed/Glide/Turn/Fade)

Starfire L/SL – Innova – Star (F2) – 10/5/-1/2

Spinning Squirrel

My initial vision was a cloudy galaxy design and a blackhole on the bottom. The squirrel was an audible move after my 1st lotion bed (lotion then lotion premix added sparingly) that I left in for 24 hours came out as a hyper speed white galaxy. I designed SQUIRREL with graphite -> digital -> stencil. Hand painted for 8 hours most going down the drain. I re-added the disc to a new lotion bed (lotion pre-mixed) for 24 hours. Black hole design for underneath using a turn table.


  1. Put lighter dyes before darker.
  2. I used a masking tape roll to elevate above the pin.
  3. Checkout reddit’s Disc Dyeing wiki!

Squirrel Design

1st attempt: Stencil with carbon paper & hard plastic that I never complete cutting.

2nd-4th attempts: Hand painted three times & it washing down the drain.

5th attempt: Stencil using contact paper on the disc & an exact knife carefully.

Aries 1.2 – Millenium – Sirius – 11/6/-3/1

Space Ram

I started off with a stencil to contain the dye to the ram. Then I covered up the ram and made a lotion bed to place the disc in. I then used my turntable to spin on the outside rim and outside of the top. I used a glue bed for a disc I was working on at the same time for the bottom rim then attempted to put a glued in the bottom area to see if that would work. Later I did more spinning to darken the top to merge the two patterns together and painted the bottom with a lavender dye to darken the background a bit.


  1. Neon colors go on glow & the dark discs.
  2. Fill disc/tray being used for dye bed to cover full disc.

Katana – Innova – Star (F2) – 13/5/-3/3

Not Named

Glue bed but either I believe I left dyes on too long and too dark of colors.


  1. Be quick when using acetone otherwise it leaves residue.
  2. Use color wheel.

Destroyer- Innova – Champion (F2) – 12/5/-1/3

Koi Approach

Removed stamps with acetone then created a glue bed with dye using eye drops. Sat in bed for 48 hours. Used another glue and floetrol bed for the bottom rim. Spun dye on the inner and outer ridge.


  1. Use acetone in ventilated area color stamps may leave dye.

Leopard3 – Innova – Champion (F2) – 7/5/-2/1


Floetrol, dye, and glue mixed and left in for 24 hours. Simple spin on edge.

Ion – MVP – Neutron – 5/3/0/1.5

Look Up

I used the same bed from Swirl but I moved the lighter colors to the outer edges. Twelve hours in bed.

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