Journey Journal

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Progression, Guidance, and Perspective Blogs for myself and others who are open to listening or reading.

Audio is available on top of post and in the audio archives.

I will be writing and recording blogs to not only keep myself disciplined and accountable, but to also hopefully help others throughout my journey.  These are based on my perspective of life. Although my views may differ from yours it may be helpful, if not for you then maybe someone you know. 

SundayShortS will be creative short stories, poetry and/or Unfiltered Personal Thoughts (mostly unedited to help add more writing into my routine).

Latest Posts

SundayShortS #4

A summary of my year along with what I’ve learned and my perspective of life. What is mine is not yours.

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Unlocking the Door

Discussion about revisiting past relationships. The reasons why I do, the outcomes, and the perspectives that go along with it.

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SundayShortS #3

Unedited blog and audio recording discussing my progression and setbacks for the last two months.

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SundayShortS #2

Slowing down the moments in which we speed through may benefit us in feeling more fulfilled.

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SundayShortS #1

My first entry in the SundayShortS series I will be doing to motivate me to stay consistent with my writing. A recent touch of depression and how I worked through it with some suggestions for those who may feel the same.

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Keeping in Touch

This blog goes into reasons why we lose touch, why we should stay in touch, and ideas on how to do so.

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Reactionary Mindset

A blog diving into what I have learned about my own reactions and guidance through them during difficult encounters.

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