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November 24th, 2022

Well hello! I wanted to send out another update as I have added some new additions to the site. I decided to reorganize the menus once again for ease. Hopefully I’m not complicating when in reality I’m trying to simplify it for you. All the Things has been renamed to Quick Look with all the main pages added underneath. You will also find two additional pages there that you cannot locate anywhere else. Mostly because I didn’t know where I should add them (I’m sure there will be more organizing changes in the future). Some of my photography and hand drawn sketches are available to view if you choose to do so. If you decide you want more of my photography please feel free to check out my Flickr page. I also tried something different for my video game section and decided to merge story telling and video games with my latest post. The Day to DayZ Log is available for your reading or listening pleasure.

I’m also excited to say that Greeble and Moony are back, but in the Not So Daily way. I’m still working on multiple projects and with that I am unable to draw them daily, so please enjoy them when they pop up! I have added Table of Contents to most of my pages to assist with navigating the pages as well.

Two new blogs have been written since my last update and another one is on its way. Feel free to check out SundayShortS #4 and Unlocking the Door. Let’s not forget our favorite bunny, Bonnye, and the eclectic weekly comics!

I hope all is well with you and that your holiday season is filled with good vibes and less strife. Don’t forget to create and if you’re posting on Instagram please let me know and we can follow each other’s progress there!

Until the next Site Update!

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