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March 1st, 2023

I hope that your year has started off as good as it can and that you got a good start on your goals for the year. I started with more workouts and included Disc Golf in my backyard workout. I’ve been learning more about the game and trying to improve myself when I can. It’s been fun to enjoy a sport again. I’ve been taking my classes, working out, and of course drawing. Here are some site updates if you’re interested!

I started making puzzles (Mazes and Spot the Differences)! I just created a Puzzles page for easier access and will be linking the answers (original post) there as well. I would love to do more than these two categories, but for now I am wanting to try and see where this goes in a casual way. I started it off as an Out of the Blue section to give myself some flexibility on when I make them.

The SandraSketcheS site has been expanded to include the paintings I have been doing including the SandraSouvenirS that I’ve been making. The idea for these are to leave them at various disc golf parks that I go to in places where people can find them for an unexpected gift from a stranger.

A new Bonnye Butts Into will be posted next week but it has already been added for those who explore the site or check out my Instagram reels! Make sure to check out the site as you will find creations that I have not posted to social media.

Staying active, remaining motivated, and holding on to hope for a better future that includes creativity, postively impacting people, and keeping my sanity! Until the next Site Update!

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