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January 12th, 2023

I got into painting. I’m working on mostly learning acrylics but am also dabbling with a bit of watercolor pucks and pencils. Potentially oil as it was included in a box set my partner gave me as a gift, but I need to not overspend as I am on a budget. If you’re interested in my painting progression please check out the new addition to SandraSketcheS along with all of the Candimal comics I created as a fun way to start 2023! Twenty-three comics for the start of 2023. I’m hoping to enjoy some charcoal soon as well, but with how my space is the mess is holding me up for now.

I’ve been writing a thousand words a day as well. I haven’t shared this with anyone, but it is to move me to a tangible item that I want from my time off of work. I’m unsure if I will be doing more blog posts as I am wanting to use the thoughts I often share in those and put them into a combination project with my art. One could hope a graphic novel will come out of this, but I’m trying not to leap too fast. There has been a lot to sort out during my unemployment and not everything went to plan. Finding a schedule that worked, being able to focus, and also work on all the projects I wanted to didn’t come to me as fluidly as I hoped. I am still trying.

I didn’t think I’d fall for art as much as I would. It did take over a lot of my time, creative energy, and also motivation to what I wanted to learn. In return this pushed some tasks needed to be done to find a job I want to do on the back burner, which I am now committed to moving forward. It has caused some stress, but ultimately art has been a saving grace I didn’t realize I needed as much as I did. Learning all of these mediums, connecting with some people through it, and utilizing it to expend these thoughts in my head onto something that may make sense to others has helped my mind a lot. I’ve been appreciating my time off more and more. Even yesterday I was sitting outside, listening to each sound I could pick up on, sipping my hot tea, and realizing that I have a freedom that I wouldn’t normally have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m paying for this freedom and it’s expensive, but I’m hoping with this break my sanity is restored more so than it was and my mindset is stronger going forward.

Not many site updates in this one, but more of a Sandra update for you. Until the next Site or Sandra Update! Hope you continue to create, share, and also have time to take a break from the frantic side of life.

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