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August 2, 2022

August is here and I’m not going to lie… I was not on my A game productively, BUTT I was creatively! So I’ll take that as a win. The website has another update to the Comic corner. Inspired by the birds in my backyard I have added a new series called “Backyard Birds,” which will be added to the new Out of the Blue page. This page will hold the bonus comics I do when I’m feeling caught up, creative, and have time to create a spontaneous comic. There will be other Out of the Blue comics depending on where my mind goes. I’ll try to keep them in the blue theme too.

Plans for August? Well it all depends on if something pans out. In the mean time, I started working on SQL using an informational and intuitive site for the basics, then I will eventually re-do my Udemy course. This is for my safety net jobs though. My year long journey things to do list however is a bit different. I’ll continue my drawing project as it’s been the most therapeutic for me thus far. I have written the first draft for the “Vampyr” game review. I’m pushing myself to stay consistent with C# and Unity and start creating the app/game to help work on coding skills and Unity knowledge. With all of that being said, I forgot to mention one of the important parts of my day. The reflection time I spend outside when I wake up. It helps calms my overly active mind, allows space for new ideas, and enjoy the sunlight before it hits the 90s – 100s.

Hope all has been well with you and your struggles have turned into triumphs (even if that triumph is a work in progress). Until the next site update… have a goodbye!

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