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March 1st, 2023

I hope that your year has started off as good as it can and that you got a good start on your goals for the year. I started with more workouts and included Disc Golf in my backyard workout. I’ve been learning more about the game and trying to improve myself when I can. It’s been fun to enjoy a sport again. I’ve been taking my classes, working out, and of course drawing. Here are some site updates if you’re interested!

I started making puzzles (Mazes and Spot the Differences)! I just created a Puzzles page for easier access and will be linking the answers (original post) there as well. I would love to do more than these two categories, but for now I am wanting to try and see where this goes in a casual way. I started it off as an Out of the Blue section to give myself some flexibility on when I make them.

The SandraSketcheS site has been expanded to include the paintings I have been doing including the SandraSouvenirS that I’ve been making. The idea for these are to leave them at various disc golf parks that I go to in places where people can find them for an unexpected gift from a stranger.

A new Bonnye Butts Into will be posted next week but it has already been added for those who explore the site or check out my Instagram reels! Make sure to check out the site as you will find creations that I have not posted to social media.

Staying active, remaining motivated, and holding on to hope for a better future that includes creativity, postively impacting people, and keeping my sanity! Until the next Site Update!


January 12th, 2023

I got into painting. I’m working on mostly learning acrylics but am also dabbling with a bit of watercolor pucks and pencils. Potentially oil as it was included in a box set my partner gave me as a gift, but I need to not overspend as I am on a budget. If you’re interested in my painting progression please check out the new addition to SandraSketcheS along with all of the Candimal comics I created as a fun way to start 2023! Twenty-three comics for the start of 2023. I’m hoping to enjoy some charcoal soon as well, but with how my space is the mess is holding me up for now.

I’ve been writing a thousand words a day as well. I haven’t shared this with anyone, but it is to move me to a tangible item that I want from my time off of work. I’m unsure if I will be doing more blog posts as I am wanting to use the thoughts I often share in those and put them into a combination project with my art. One could hope a graphic novel will come out of this, but I’m trying not to leap too fast. There has been a lot to sort out during my unemployment and not everything went to plan. Finding a schedule that worked, being able to focus, and also work on all the projects I wanted to didn’t come to me as fluidly as I hoped. I am still trying.

I didn’t think I’d fall for art as much as I would. It did take over a lot of my time, creative energy, and also motivation to what I wanted to learn. In return this pushed some tasks needed to be done to find a job I want to do on the back burner, which I am now committed to moving forward. It has caused some stress, but ultimately art has been a saving grace I didn’t realize I needed as much as I did. Learning all of these mediums, connecting with some people through it, and utilizing it to expend these thoughts in my head onto something that may make sense to others has helped my mind a lot. I’ve been appreciating my time off more and more. Even yesterday I was sitting outside, listening to each sound I could pick up on, sipping my hot tea, and realizing that I have a freedom that I wouldn’t normally have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m paying for this freedom and it’s expensive, but I’m hoping with this break my sanity is restored more so than it was and my mindset is stronger going forward.

Not many site updates in this one, but more of a Sandra update for you. Until the next Site or Sandra Update! Hope you continue to create, share, and also have time to take a break from the frantic side of life.



November 24th, 2022

Well hello! I wanted to send out another update as I have added some new additions to the site. I decided to reorganize the menus once again for ease. Hopefully I’m not complicating when in reality I’m trying to simplify it for you. All the Things has been renamed to Quick Look with all the main pages added underneath. You will also find two additional pages there that you cannot locate anywhere else. Mostly because I didn’t know where I should add them (I’m sure there will be more organizing changes in the future). Some of my photography and hand drawn sketches are available to view if you choose to do so. If you decide you want more of my photography please feel free to check out my Flickr page. I also tried something different for my video game section and decided to merge story telling and video games with my latest post. The Day to DayZ Log is available for your reading or listening pleasure.

I’m also excited to say that Greeble and Moony are back, but in the Not So Daily way. I’m still working on multiple projects and with that I am unable to draw them daily, so please enjoy them when they pop up! I have added Table of Contents to most of my pages to assist with navigating the pages as well.

Two new blogs have been written since my last update and another one is on its way. Feel free to check out SundayShortS #4 and Unlocking the Door. Let’s not forget our favorite bunny, Bonnye, and the eclectic weekly comics!

I hope all is well with you and that your holiday season is filled with good vibes and less strife. Don’t forget to create and if you’re posting on Instagram please let me know and we can follow each other’s progress there!

Until the next Site Update


September 5th, 2022

Hey there! I have made some adjustments to my schedule as I’m on the second half of my year long project to change my career path. I had to take a hiatus from Greeble and Moony to allow more time and flexibility on my final project. Ultimately, the end goal of this project is to get a job in a field that I am passionate about. I’m not saying this will occur, but the major next step for me to do that would be learning how to code.

Greeble and Moony will be coming back. I thoroughly enjoy creating those comics and they have improved my life in multiple ways. Stay tuned and please feel free to follow me on my instagram accounts for random updates. I’m excited about the future of Greeble and Moony and hope you hang in there to see it too.

In the mean time, there will be other projects I’ll be working on to ensure that I’m continuing to learn how to draw and animate. As you may have noticed, there has been an additional series added to the Out of the Blue page called, “Sandra’s Awkward ScenarioS.” This series is basically about my own personal situations. I will be continuing to make “Bonnye Butts Into” animations as well. Since animation takes much longer than comics the time in-between them will also be longer, but that’s part of it. Patience, hard work, and results. Remember, I only started animating mid-June ’22 so please continue to view my art as someone learning not someone who believes they’ve mastered anything.

These upcoming months will be more focused on skills that I’ll need to get a job in a different field when I’m ready to re-enter the workforce. As much as I’d love to draw comics for money, we all know I am no where near that status nor will I probably ever be. Realistically, I am wanting to make educational video games for children, so that’s the path I’m on right now. I will be working on game development and art in September; music and coding in October; and will re-evaluate where I am in November to see what adjustments I’ll be needing to make and how I’m doing financially.

I appreciate all of the support everyone has shown me thus far on all platforms through comments, likes, and follows. The fact that people are finding joy in my project brings me a sense of fulfillment in life. Something I often struggle with feeling. The comic community on Instagram has been comforting and I feel like I’ve learned a lot just by being a part of it. I hope to continue to produce my content frequently enough where y’all don’t forget about me, but if that occurs that’s okay too. This project was about changing my life around. The main reason I made it public was to potentially inspire someone who may have had doubts or felt stuck on their current path too and to provide some smiles along the way. The fact that I got some of you to smile with my creations means a lot to me.

Keep creating! Not only for others, but do it for yourself. Find something that is yours and don’t be afraid to show it to the world. Until the next Site Update!


August 2, 2022

August is here and I’m not going to lie… I was not on my A game productively, BUTT I was creatively! So I’ll take that as a win. The website has another update to the Comic corner. Inspired by the birds in my backyard I have added a new series called “Backyard Birds,” which will be added to the new Out of the Blue page. This page will hold the bonus comics I do when I’m feeling caught up, creative, and have time to create a spontaneous comic. There will be other Out of the Blue comics depending on where my mind goes. I’ll try to keep them in the blue theme too.

Plans for August? Well it all depends on if something pans out. In the mean time, I started working on SQL using an informational and intuitive site for the basics, then I will eventually re-do my Udemy course. This is for my safety net jobs though. My year long journey things to do list however is a bit different. I’ll continue my drawing project as it’s been the most therapeutic for me thus far. I have written the first draft for the “Vampyr” game review. I’m pushing myself to stay consistent with C# and Unity and start creating the app/game to help work on coding skills and Unity knowledge. With all of that being said, I forgot to mention one of the important parts of my day. The reflection time I spend outside when I wake up. It helps calms my overly active mind, allows space for new ideas, and enjoy the sunlight before it hits the 90s – 100s.

Hope all has been well with you and your struggles have turned into triumphs (even if that triumph is a work in progress). Until the next site update… have a goodbye!


July 17th, 2022

Another month has gone by and some more updates to the site have been added including a quick view for animations and also a separate Mixed Media page for the new series, Bonnye Butts Into Photography! I’m excited to be able to spend time animating even if it is taking me a long time to do. Part of the learning process though. In this series I will be implementing my own music segments, drawings, photography, and animation into one combined Mixed Media segment. Remember everything on this page is part of a learning project so it won’t be perfect, but I hope you appreciate seeing the progression as much as I am. This series starting out will be a part of my Weekly Comics upload until I can shorten the time on making them.

Greeble & Moony Daily Comic is still going strong with a 79 upload streak and almost 200 followers cross platforms (unclear who the repeat users are as my friends/family have followed me on multiple social media sites <3).

This month has been a bit tough with mental health issues so I’m focusing on things that bring me joy, which is producing art. Even if it isn’t top notch just know it brings a smile to me and a few others that have expressed it. Hearing that people drink their coffee while viewing my daily comic was something I hoped for but didn’t realize it would come true. So here’s to many more ideas (I have a spreadsheet for my weekly, Bonnye Butts Into Photography, and well… Greeble & Moony is still created day to day).

Hope you are finding your own fulfillment through hobbies, work, etc. and if you have a creative outlet you’d like to share please feel free to contact me or hit me up on one of the platforms I am on (links provided on each page). Until the next site update!


June 4th, 2022

Hey there, hope everything is okay in your world and if not, I do hope you’re finding some ways to process and work through those feelings. I wanted to let you know that I will be taking some time off writing my weekly blogs and game reviews in June (potentially July) as I do not believe it is the best use of my time currently.  I’m unclear if it is helping others or myself, so until I feel passionate about a subject, I will be putting that time into working on my children’s book and app.  I’m finding my time is a bit limited with what I’m wanting to achieve and do not want anything to feel forced or for me to speed through certain areas as I do not believe I will retain the information I’m learning if I do this.  As for the game reviews, the games that I’m playing are a bit more encompassing and they will take me longer to complete with the schedule I do allow for gaming.  I did update the Greeble & Moony Daily Comic page to allow you to see it more in the way I envisioned it to be, a storyline.  Also I have created a page for my Weekly Comics with a similar viewing method and a page for my Time-lapses if you are interested in seeing a quick video of the process I took on some of the comics along with the progression I’ve been making.   I have added one more page, Audio Archives, which is for all the recordings I have created for my blogs in one section and a Site Update Archives page for previous updates on the site!  With this I have also updated the menu options to help with the navigation of the site. Lastly, I have also added a Contact page for those who may want to get in touch with me directly about jobs, inquiries, and constructive feedback for the site. This month has been a lot of fun creating Greeble & Moony scenarios, getting to “meet” comic artists and seeing comments about how the daily comic has made people smile.   Thanks for visiting the page and hope the user interface has made it an interesting site for you to explore.  Till next time!


May 11th, 2022

I have updated the site again to give my new daily comic a home in hopes that it won’t suffocate the comic page and also give an easier path to enjoy their journey from start to finish.  You can also follow along with them on SandraScenarios on TwitterInstagram, or Reddit or if you just want the daily comic then on GreebleandMoony on Instagram.  I have updated the Video Game Review site to now include video game related articles I will be working on as well.  I have yet to complete one, but ideas are flowing and will most likely work on my first one after I finish up the current review set to be posted by the end of May for Disco Elysium.  I have reorganized the menu with the updated names for the pages.  If you have any additional ideas on how this site can be better, please send them to me.  I will be posting a new progression blog this week to go more into detail of what has been going on in my life on the blog page.  Also please subscribe for updates on all my content below by adding your email and make sure your mail settings allow it to go into your Inbox as it may go into Promotions or Social boxes instead.  Thanks again for your support, welcome to the new people, and hope all is well in your lives!


March 21st, 2022

First, thank you for visiting my page and exploring the site. Although there is a lot more for me to learn, I do appreciate not only the assistance from strangers on the internet but also the WordPress staff for all the help they have provided me. As you may have noticed I am working on blogs again, but in a different way this time around including audio recordings. Next step will be my video game reviews!

I am trying to organize the site better now that I am adding additional elements to it. I have created a few more pages for you to explore or if you are only here for a specific part I tried to make this available for you. I have created a blogcomic, and review site (video game reviews coming soon). You can always check all the posts in a bulk way on the All the Things tab, or scroll down to the bottom of this page for a quick glance at the latest posts. Above this excerpt is my own photography linked to my Flickr site if you want to check that out too! 

Hope you have been entertained in some way and again I appreciate your support! Don’t forget to subscribe by adding your email below or following on your most used platform (links below) to receive notification on when my next post publishes!

Hope all is well with you! Stay safe <3.



July 26th, 2021

I’m Sandra and this is a project I have been wanting to do for some time. I see the world a bit differently and thought maybe I can create a comic series using my perspective, humor, and lack of art skills. Every Sunday when I was a kid I would eagerly dive into the comic section of the newspaper and enjoy the simple art and clever humor. As an adult I still am entertained by simple art paired with clever humor and hope that I can bring a smile to your face, as others have done for me. I’ll also be adding my own photography to the site and potentially a blog. If you enjoy cat pictures then feel free to follow me on my cat specific instagram!

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